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Here at NovaContext's Cloud References we aim to provide a clear and concise way of performing cloud setups. Creating a new machine or setting up a database can be daunting tasks, but we are here to help.

Browse through our large database of documentation and get a step-by-step guide on how to perform the most common set ups for your cloud services!

The creation of an application, be it Web or Mobile, is not easy, you have to worry about several factors, among them:

  • Infrastructure
  • Updates
  • Security
  • Authentication

Nowadays, it seems that everything happens in the "cloud".

Cloud computing is a term that became extremely popular in technology. Unlike traditional models, the cloud is composed of a series of servers that represent a broad storage and data processing tools, allowing total elasticity in all its resources provided.

The cloud has emerged as a way to democratize information and improve the experience of those who depend on technological resources at personal or professional levels. If we analyze the traditional computing model, in which users and businesses need to invest in downloads, hardware, operating systems and software to get some an application running, it's easy to understand why cloud computing has become so popular.

Cloud computing offers us several advantages:

Cost saving - Building our own servers and tools is tedious and costly on the grounds that we need to arrange, pay for, introduce and design costly equipment well before we need it. Nonetheless, utilizing the cloud, we pay just for the sum we use and when we utilize the processing assets. Thusly, distributed computing is financially savvy.

Scalability - One of the extraordinary preferences is, where you can increase and decrease the limit of your machine in a straightforward manner with only a couple clicks.

Agility - IT resources can be added rapidly, creating numerous servers in almost no time.

Reliability - Provides considerably more solid and steady administration than with a traditional IT foundation (in-house). Ensures 24x7 and 365 days of uptime. On the off chance that any server falls flat, the facilitated applications and administrations can be handily moved to any of the accessible servers.

Unlimited capacity - Provides practically limitless capacity, which means you don't need to stress over running out of extra space.

Regardless of all these advantages, setting up a service or application based on the cloud can still be very cryptic. There's a lot of documentation on the web and you may not always be able to get the help you need. When that happens, visit NovaContext.com and check our guides!